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The Murilla Community Centre was established in 1992 with the goal to ensure all members of our community, being rural or remote, had access to information and assistance.

Current Centre Manager Cecily Brockhurst was employed in 1992 on a part time basis and has created a one stop shop for community members to access information and assistance in a time of need.

To this day the Murilla Community Centre is still growing and initiating new ways to support and develop the expanding community.

The opening of the Murilla Community Centre's new premises at 73a Murilla Street in 1998.

Mission Statement

Developing and supporting the Community through awareness and response to social and human issues identified in Miles and surrounding districts.


- Be respectful of clients and staff

- Non-judgmental

- Accepting of differences

- Inclusiveness

- Caring

- Participation

- Value the community

- Equality on all levels

- Confidentiality

- Take time to build trust

- Support for co-workers and staff

- Foster the sharing of ideas

- Develop and support the initiatives of the community.


- Strive to operate effectively to provide quality and inclusive         service to the community.


- Facilitate a process which fosters a strengthening of                       partnerships within the community


- Promote the positive aspects of the Murilla Community Centre    through awareness of and access to services


- Support development of the strategies which respond to the       needs of the community


- Ensure that the community is better informed and educated to    enable them to have increased personal development and be    empowered to make informed decisions


- Identify and access appropriate resources for the delivery of        programs


- Provide a secure and caring working environment for all staff       and volunteers


Annual Report 

73a Murilla St, MILES  QLD 4415
P (07) 4627 2027         F (07) 4627 2021
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