Family Day Care

Family Day Care provides quality care for children up to 12 years of age in the homes of Family Day Care educators.

The Family Day Care service provides care through a network of approved Family Day Care educators, who are supported and monitored by a professional coordinating team. 


Family Day Care provides a safe, secure and stimulating home environment for your children, with care being provided for small groups of children in the educators home. 


Family Day Care provides the opportunity for you and your children to develop a close relationship with your educator. 

To enquire about assistance or support  please contact the Family Day Care coordinator.

Missy Jenkins
(07) 4627 2027
0400 492 301

The hours of care are flexible and can be matched to your family's needs. Family Day Care may be available on weekends or overnight in certain circumstances. 

Family Day Care is currently available in Chinchilla, Taroom, Condamine, Drillham, Dulacca, Roma and Mitchell. 

73a Murilla St, MILES  QLD 4415
P (07) 4627 2027         F (07) 4627 2021
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