Murilla Community Centre

members are a valuable part of our team.


By becoming a Murilla Community Centre member you have the opportunity to make a difference in our Centre and in our community. Every member's support is greatly appreciated with every membership dollar going towards helping our community.

Becoming a member

For just $5.00 you can be a member of the Murilla Community Centre.​

Signing up is easy! Just drop into the Community Centre or fill out the membership application form below.


Getting involved

As a member, it is up to you what level of involvement you have. 


The Murilla Community Centre's many programs and events rely heavily on volunteers and our members to succeed. Events such as our Bookfest and Women's Wellness Day are a great way for members to get involved.


MCC members also have the opportunity to be an active board member.


Alternatively, if you don’t have time to actively be involved, you can simply join as a member and keep up to date via our website, facebook page and newsletter. You can be as passive or as active as you like.


What's in it for you

  • Vote on the Committee of Governance

  • Run for the Committee of Governance at the next Annual General Meeting

  • Assist with strategic direction of the Centre

  • Allow your voice to be heard in your community

  • Allow you to make a difference to how we service the community



Become a member today! 

To complete your membership.... 

To finalise your memberships you will need to make a Direct Debit payment. 


Please use your surname and Member as your reference e.g Jones, Member 



BSB: 084-602

Acc: 561473107 

73a Murilla St, MILES  QLD 4415
P (07) 4627 2027         F (07) 4627 2021
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